Only Words

This poem contains adult language and is the opinion of the author.
You have been warned.

The language of anger is made up of words
some donít like to hear. But I donít give a f**k
if you donít want to hear it. When I feel like a b**ch
then you better g*d-d**n
get out of my way. Otherwise the s**t
will hit the fan and my hate

will spew far and wide. I hate
it when someone tells me not to use four-letter words.
Canít they count? S**t,
not all foul words are four letters. Yeah, f**k
is, but what about b*st**d and g*d-d**n?
Listen, you son of a b**ch,

if I want to use foul language, I will. Go b**ch
at someone worth b**ching at. Take your hate
and turn it on someone who g*d-d**n
deserves your hate. Iíll use the words
I choose when I choose. You can f**k
off and leave me alone, you little s**t.

Yes, I know. S**t
is another word for defecate. And b**ch
for a female dog. And I like to f**k
my girlfriend whenever I can. But I hate
being censored, hate being told what words
I can and cannot use. G*d-d**n,

will you leave me alone? Go to g*d-d**n
hell and take your s**t
with you. These are only words
you have saddled with foul meaning. I know Iím a b**ch
and I donít care. I hate
feeling I have to bite my tongue. F**k

it all over and over again. F**k
your censoring lips and g*d-d**n
your heartless harping. You wear your hate
like a badge but I donít give a s**t
what you think. Tell another b**ch
how to think, what to say, what words

are acceptable and which, like f**k, are not. S**t
and g*d-d**n are words this b**ch
likes to use. I hate being censored. They are only words.

All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.