Do You Ever Wonder?


Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder
who guides the
meteors across the
August sky?
Who rounds them
up and tells them
itís time to fly,
time to shoot
their trails of light
through the
August night?

Do you ever wonder
who hangs the
full moon,
bright face smiling?
Who swings on the
shining crescent,
peaceful and quiet;
who hides behind
the dark curtain
when the moon
is new and virgin?

Do you ever wonder
who lays the
blanket of fog
upon the earth?
Who conceals the
rivers and streams,
slipping quietly away;
who disguises the cows
grazing in their fields,
veiled in the misty
translucent curtain?

Do you ever wonder
who forms the
billowy, pillowy
clouds into
clowns and mermaids
and flying pigs?
Who colors them
pink and purple
and fiery red;
who uses them to
soften the evening sky?

Do you ever wonder
who sends the
rolling, roiling waves
on their ageless journey?
Who leads them to
crash upon the
towering rocks
or slide languidly
over ever-changing
countless grains
of sand?

Do you ever wonder?


All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.