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From: Kathy Bertrand
Poem: Chrysalis
We are always growing and changing through our lives and even in death. Sometimes this change can be excruciatingly painful and we want to resist it, hide behind what we know rather then risk the unknown. However, the change is needed for true growth to occur. This is a beautiful poem that I wrote down in my journal to remind me and guide me through an extremely challenging time of change in my life. I know I will keep these words with me throughout this lifetime. Thank you Glenda for this beautiful poem.

From: Kathy Bertrand
"Open Doors"
This story moved me with the expression of overwhelming vulnerability and fear. I could feel the feelings of having been hurt deeply and knowing that one can be hurt again but risking that hurt when one feels safe and loved. The ecstacy that the characters find in each other and through their connection to each other is a wonderful reminder of what the sweet and glorious rewards of risking hurt again can bring for those that are willing to show their vulnerability and risk it anyways.

This is an important message to hear again and again.

From: Nic
Poetry: Awakening
I love Glenda's work. Her poem, "Awakening," has really spoken to me in these cold winter months! I feel as though I am really experiencing the beach, the sand beneath my feet, the sun glistening off of the sea; like I can feel the warmth of the sun even though it is freezing where I live right now. Glenda's poetic voice sets up the whole scene in my mind's eye. Her writing is a place to escape to, and the insight and confidence behind it helps me to feel that same confidence. Thank you, Glenda! I am eager to read more!


From: Micheal
Glenda's Writing
Glenda Poulter is a vibrant voice on the literary scene. She is an author and poet whose work inspires the imagination as it enchants the souls. Her innate abilities and gifts are such as to captivate and enlighten audiences everywhere. To read Glenda's writings is to educate the heart and stimulate the mind. She is truly an independent soul whose creativity in thought speaks openly and honestly to one's spirit.

Glenda embodies the beauty of the human spirit in her poetry. Everything she writes is an expression of the love within her heart. She is a master wordsmith who embodies artistic expression. Hers is a journey of soul touching encounters which liberate the mind. To allow the beauty of her words into your life is to bless your spirit. Glenda Poulter - Author , Poet and Radiant Soul.

In response to a request for suggestions for lesbian erotica literature, the following was posted to a yahoogroup I'm a member of (responses edited):

Hi Els!
Also, look on Glenda Poulter's website, she has written some, too.
Her THANKSGIVING short story was really, HOT, HOT!
Just some ideas.......
Happy hunting!
Sue (West Coast)

Hi els,
You've got to check out Glenda's website (Glendapoulter.com) and read her short story about Thanksgiving--WHEW! It's a good one! Good luck, and let us know if you find anything worth sharing!

Well, Els, Glenda Poulter's short story, "Thanksgiving" certainly would be an all time favorite! (Sorry forgot to use my trademark blue.
Sue (West Coast)

Oh my goodness - i've just read, for the first time, Glenda's 'Thanksgiving' story - gotta rush off right now and have a date with the 'Magic Wand' - don't know when i'll be back..........only thing missing will be a gorgeous playmate - anyone free to join me?
Lou Lou (Australia) - adrenaline rushing in anticipation

Oh, Lou, Lou, you made me laugh! Hope the Magic Wand helped reduce the heat a bit! Yeah, it kind of got to me, too, when I read it! She certainly has a heightened sense of putting her words together to form graphic pictures, doesn't she? Anyway, glad that you enjoyed it and sorry I couldn't join you!
Sue (West Coast)

OMG - I did too. Ok, good job, Glenda. I'm soaked. Phew. That story alone would be enough to get me going. Thanks!

If you don't have a Magic Wand, would you like an icy shower. Although I'm not certain even that would help!!!!!
You have me laughing, too! I hope that Glenda reads your post!
Sue (West Coast)

els, I thought you might enjoy Glenda's story--when I first read it, I posted a comment for her on her site. All I could think to say was "OH MY GOD!" I've reread it many times since then!



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