The Burning Question

This poem is written in the Sestina Form. From "Sestinas are poems in which six words keep coming back at the ends of the lines in a specific poem." Enjoy.

The unknown is what we want to know, what we question.
We want to know who
decided that we do what
we do, decided that when
we want this or that we go where
this or that is and we donít ask why.

We want to know why
we arenít supposed to question.
We arenít supposed to wonder where
the people who
came before us got their ideas and when
they decided we shouldnít know what

or why the universe does what
it does. We arenít supposed to wonder why
we can go here but not there. We arenít to question
where the questionsí answers lurk. When
does the darkness of unknowing lift? Who
has the ability, the desire to tell us where

to find the answers? How do we understand where
the answers live? The questions make us want what
we think everyone else has. But who
is everyone else and why
do we think they have all the answers? The question
is not if, but when

do the answers come, when
do we learn to go where
the answers are. Why do we question
what is over there? Why not ask what
is right here, under our noses? When
do we learn we are the only ones who

knows the answer to the question? We know who
we are, why we go or do or not. We know when
to say yes, when to say no, and we know why
we continue to ask. We are afraid of where
the answers will lead; we are afraid of what
we will discover about ourselves. We question

but we do not answer. We ask who will take us where
even though we know when we get there, we may not like what
we find. So, why do we continue to ask the burning question?

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