Tiny purple, peeking out,
its new world tucked
safely among the roots;
roots older than old,
deeper than deep;
roots supporting strength,
life reaching for the
eternal sky.

Tiny purple, peeking out
from new green,
surrounded by old brown,
protective brown,
brown that once proudly
swayed high above,
green, then yellow,
then fallen and brown.

Tiny purple, peeking out,
reaching for warmth,
escaping the cold,
dark soil;
soil rich and black,
gestational, transformative
soil, supportive,
understanding soil.

Tiny purple, peeking out,
three petals form
a sweet face;
fragrant, growing
reminder of spring,
springing up from
heart-shaped leaves,
gift from a loving earth.

Tiny purple.


All content ęGlenda Poulter, 2012-2014.