What Paths?

Inspired by a chapter in Patti Digh's book, Life is a Verb

What paths
are you taking today? Are they the dirt
ones that meander through field and forest? Or the concrete
paths that are tried and true? Which path makes you feel real,
helps you decide what patterns
your life will make? Which path gets you to your destination

happy and whole? What is your destination?
Are the paths
of living leading you through the patterns
of living? Are they giving you a chance to play in the dirt,
to feel whatís real
and free? Or does the concrete

feel safe, safer, safest? The concrete
can get you to your destination
fast and sure. But do you see the scenery, the real
life living, or is it only on the periphery of your being that paths
of dirt
veer off, creating a maze of patterns,

a peaceful labyrinth, an awesome quiet, patterns
that sooth and cool the soul? Concrete
cannot, will not make the effort that dirt
paths do. Dirt makes getting to your destination
enjoyable, exciting, adventurous. Donít follow the paths
of least resistance. They do not lead to real

life. They do not lead to real
living. They only lead to living mundane patterns
and keep you from the paths
that teach so much more than concrete
ever will. The true lessons of life, the real
lessons of life are found on paths of dirt.

Paths of dirt,
lanes of lifeís real
experiences and lessons, lead to a destination
where our authentic patterns
are formed, not from concrete,
but from the dirt paths

cut through the neverlands, dirt paths forming a pattern
that shows us what real is. Avoid the concrete,
avoid the easy way to your destination. Travel the least travelled paths.

All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.