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Artist’s Statement

I inherited my love of photography from my mother. She was an avid photographer and, although she didn’t think so, was quite talented. She gave me my first camera when I turned nine and encouraged me from that moment until her death in 2007.

The reflection in a calm lake; a butterfly flitting from flower to flower; raindrops lingering on a leaf; the birds, the frogs, almost all other living beings fill me with delight and wonder. I enjoy spending hours outdoors observing and photographing the natural beauty around me.

My photography has won awards ranging from Honorable Mention to First Place at the Alaska State Fair in Fairbanks, Alaska (1991 – 1994); several prints were shown in a now out-of-business art gallery on Hilton Head Island, SC (1998 – 1999); a print won first place at the Texas State Fair (2001); and one image was given the “Viewers’ Choice” award on a now defunct photo critiquing site (2002). I was privileged to have a one-woman showing of my photography at the Eye of the Eagle Art Gallery in Clayton, NC, in April, 2009. It is also on display and available for purchase at Storyteller’s Bookstore.

Enjoy the pictures. All are for sale as prints or matted and framed. Each frame is individually painted to complement the photo. Please for more information.

Glenda Poulter
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