Life Worth Living

Iíve lived nearly fifty-three years. My life
has been good, been eventful. But I have not been mindful
of where I am headed. I have not been intentional
in making decisions about how I will be living
tomorrow, next week, in a decade. I face many challenges.
I need to take time to reflect

on my life to this point and to reflect
on the future. I have been blessed in so many ways. Life
is full of blessings I must not forget. The challenge
so much of the time is remembering. Staying mindful
of the influence I have on others and they have on me makes living
worthwhile. I must make every decision with intentional

meditation, calling on the spirits and the universe with intentional
devotion. The spirits aid me as I reflect
on the mistakes Iíve made and what Iíve learned in the course of fifty-three years of living.
I look back at the ones I love. I look forward to the one with whom I wish to spend my life.
I must be mindful
of their needs, their wants, their desires. I must challenge

both them and myself to rise, to rise to the challenge
of finding within us the courage to live intentional
lives. We must individually and together be mindful
of each otherís soul. Our love for one another should reflect
in our face, in the pools of our eyes. My life, their life, her life,
intertwined forever; we are living

on the edge of something special, something wonderful. Living
fully, freely, authentically is sometimes, all the time, a challenge
worth facing. We are worth it. Our life
together is worth it. With great intentional
love and respect we choose life worth living
as we remain mindful

of one anotherís needs. Staying mindful
helps our love to grow, so that living
is something on which weíre glad to reflect,
not dreading to face the challenge
of continuing to grow older together. Our intentional
decision is to enjoy our life

to the fullest, to be mindful of opportunities that challenge
us to face each day. Living is a blessing. Loving is intentional.
Itís time to reflect on our past, our present, our future life.

All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.