Inhabit My Space

If I took the time to explore
the landscape I inhabit
what would I find? Would the mere action
of exploring exhaust me, exhaust more movement?
Iím so out of practice
yet expected to perform.

If I took the time to perform
the rituals of my life, to actively explore
the intricacies of my soul, how would I practice
the lessons Iíd learn? I would have to learn to inhabit
my own world, a world of authenticity and movement.
I would have to take action.

If I took the time to take the action
needed, would my life turn around? Would I be able to perform
within my own parameters and borders? Or would movement
force me to expand, to explore
beyond those boundaries? I inhabit
a narrow little world I do not need to practice.

If I took the time to practice
how would my world, my life change? I choose to take action
to make the tiny space I inhabit
my own. But I do not wish to perform
inane experiments to find the paths to explore.
Takes too much time, too much movement.

If I took the time to perfect the movement
needed to build upon my own foundation, would I practice
the lessons to gain the essential knowledge? Explore
is a scary word, forcing me to take an action
I have yet to consider, forcing me to face movement
in either a positive or a negative direction. Which would I inhabit?

If I took the time to truly inhabit
the space Iím in right now, this given moment, would movement
really be necessary? Shouldnít I be able to perform
what I know to perfection, without much practice?
No. To perform, to practice takes action.
Why am I afraid to take time to explore?

The space Iíve chosen to inhabit is full of my practice
of art and love and movement, full of the action
Iíve taken to perform the life I love to explore.

All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.