Good-Bye, Again

This poem is written in the Sestina Form. From "Sestinas are poems in which six words keep coming back at the ends of the lines in a specific poem." Enjoy.

The time comes far too soon to say good-bye.
No matter the situation, it never changes Ė
my heart breaks, my soul cries out ďItís too hard!Ē
The dark overtakes me, my feet move slow, sad,
morose, depressed. I just canít accept
the fact youíre gone again, even though itís nothing new.

Iím encouraged by friends to find something new
to immerse myself in, so the blow of saying good-bye
again is easier to accept,
easier to survive. But it never changes.
The feeling of heaviness that accompanies the sad
realization that Iíll once again be alone is hard

in my soul, hard in my mind, hard
in my heart. There is nothing new,
there is nothing old that will keep the sad
from my life when we say good-bye.
It never changes
and nothing will help me accept

the fact my house is empty, help me accept
the fact my bed is empty. Each night is hard,
harder than the one before. It never changes.
My life cries out for a new
way to live, a life where I never have to say good-bye,
a life where sad

isnít a word that describes me, where sad
is relegated to a place outside of me. I canít accept
that weíll forever have to bid good-bye
as you drive away, down the hard
road toward loneliness. We both look for new
ways to make it easier. But it never changes.

When do we stop saying ďIt never changesĒ?
When do we stop feeling so sad?
What do we do to bring new
happiness to our lives? When do we accept
the fact it will always be this hard?
Will we ever stop having to say good-bye?

It never changes and that fact is hard to accept.
Our way of life embraces sad times, times that are hard.
Itís time we realize nothing new will replace our good-bye.

All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.