Curled tight
In my safe place,
Eyes closed
Against the light.

Never searching;
Never reaching;
Never learning;
Never growing.

Wings closed
Against my body;
Folded securely;
Protective wrapping.

A breeze
Whispers in my ear:
ďItís time;
Itís time to grow.Ē

Timidly, carefully,
I lift my face
Toward the sound.
ďItís time; itís time.Ē

Gentle hands
Reach for mine.
ďUnfurl your wings.
Itís time; itís time.Ē

Slowly, slowly
I spread my wings,
Growing, reaching
For the sky.

Rainbow colors
Suffuse the air.
Love surrounds me;
Life breathes into me.

ďItís time; itís time.Ē
My wings expand
And catch the breeze.
I fly; Iím free.

All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.