The morning wraps around my shoulders as
I curl my toes in the sand
at the edge of the earth.
The sand shifts beneath my feet
and waves gently caress my toes.

I lift my face to the rising sun.
My heart fills and my soul soars
as I spread my arms wide,
embracing sky and sea.
My voice carries silently across the ocean,


Unspoken questions
skim the crest of the waves,
winging their way
to the far horizon and back again,
their path sun-blessed diamonds on the sea.

The answers encircle me with wisdom.
I close my eyes in awe and thanks.
My freshly opened eyes are welcomed by
an unbidden rainbow
playing among the clouds that greet the sun.

I wade into the water, confident and sure.
Nine sacred waves
cleanse my body, heart and soul.
As I turn to leave,
I hear whispered in my ear,

“Blessed be until we meet again.”


All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.