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When my writing muse takes a break or a vacation or goes into hibernation, I have to find other creative outlets or go slowly, or sometimes rapidly mad. I've always like dabbling in paints and making collages, but because of very limited space I didnít indulge in them for a long time. Then I discovered oil pastels and turpentoid, water color pencils and water color crayons and my little water tube brush and I was once again making the mess I lovingly called "art." Because of the aforementioned lack of space, I cut my watercolor paper down to 6x9 and started making the proverbial mess. I decided to see if I could actually make any of the images on the page recognizable. I pulled out some of my photographs and attempted to copy them onto watercolor paper. Some are actually worth looking at, if I do say so myself!
Enjoy and please let me know what you think.

I've started Zentangle!

Zentangle Pencil Study

Zentangle Watercolor Study

Butterfly Garden

Page Turner

Wind Power

Cyme Tyme

Sunflower Burst

Pencil Tangle

Fengle Fangle

LinQ Gone Crazy

Sea Turtle


Holding Court

String Art Explosion - Unfinished

Reading Mermaid

Tangled Scallops

Seahorse Sanctuary

Spiral Mania

Going Away

Endless Triangle




All Laced Up

Verve Tangled

You're So Cheeky

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