Tears flow down
your face
as you ask
ďAre you ashamed
            of me?

I have too much
meat on my bones;
My teeth are crooked
and my hair is
            turning gray.

I have no college degree;
No fancy car nor
much of a bank account.
I have nothing much to show
            for my time here on earth.Ē

Ashamed of you?
How could I be
ashamed of you?
You are beautiful
            just the way you are.

Iím proud of you ---
Of your courage;
Of your ability to love;
And of your kind
            and gentle ways.

No, my lovely lady.
I am not now,
nor will I ever be
ashamed of you.
            I love you.


All content ©Glenda Poulter, 2012-2014.